Circle 2 Success

Circle2Success is a business club that supports business leaders across the UK to achieve their business goals, be better connected and better informed.

It had become clear that their brand was not a good representation of the benefits they provided so we invited them to a branding workshop at our offices. We spent time together shaping their direction, objectives and rationale, culminating in the vision statement: "Become the best-in-class national business network".

Although C2S were keen to move away from their existing logo we thought it important to retain something of their existing brand. The result is a timeless wordmark that utilises part of the old logo as cut-outs to provide visual flair. We also took the "swoosh" in the visual language of the brand and applied it across various collateral to provide coherence to the whole delivery.  We’d collected brand descriptors such as "bold", "current" and "dynamic" at the original workshop so tied this all together with a combination of bright, impactful colours paired with a professional, "best-in-class" base tone.

The new C2S branding will now provide a platform for growth, and we can't wait to see how this is rolled out further as the network continues to develop.


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Branding & identity

"We are now pleased that we are moving in the right direction with the brand and logo, and it looks great – thank you."

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