Multi-site management and duplicate content problems. Solved.

If you offer local SEO for multi-location businesses, you already know the high cost and headache of producing and managing hundreds of unique versions of content to avoid duplicate content penalties.

And let EditionAI do the hard work rewriting, localising and managing unique versions of content - for every location website in a franchise or dealer network.

It never gets tired, it never gets writer's block, it doesn’t care how many local websites your client has, how many pages are in each site or how often you want them updated.

Write content once.


Choose between strict mode and Natural Language Processing (NLP) AI technology to create hundreds of original variations of your content, so you don’t have to.


No more time-consuming spreadsheets or copy and paste, EditionAI automatically publishes rewritten content across your network of local websites.

Reduce cost

EditionAI doesn’t need a salary, benefits or holiday, so you save.


Whether for 20 locations or 200, EditionAI makes multi-location SEO more cost-effective, especially as your client’s networks grow.


EditionAI extends WordPress Multisite, so if you don’t like EditionAI you can stop using it anytime and your sites will not be affected.

Less management. Better content. Wider reach.

The cost of delivering multi-location SEO will be massively reduced, making your service more affordable and increasing your profit margin.

Franchisors, SEO agencies and dealer networks running multiple local websites all enjoy better SEO results, massive time savings and reduced costs using EditionAI.

How it works.

1. Build a regular WordPress Multisite and create content, just like normal.

2. Save a page in the master site and let EditionAI do its thing.

3. Watch each site on your network get unique versions of your content.

Edition and Edition+ have delivered multi-location websites for almost 10 years, but EditionAI is brand new.

We understand that early adopters have to take a leap of faith, so we are taking one too. Early adopters will benefit from zero setup fees and reduced monthly cost. In the meantime, here’s some of our past work with Edition and Edition+:

The business operates a regional B2B site and launched with just one local consumer site, planning to grow to 20 local consumer sites within 1-2 years - proving Edition’s value at any size of network.

Sites run on the proven WordPress Multisite platform and because of the small network size only product content is shared between sites, giving RapidFrame all of the flexibility expected from a regular WordPress Multisite network.

Case Study

Rapid Frame -
2019 to Present

Rapid Frame is the smallest and most recent network utilising Edition+.

Web site structure, corporate branding, core content and service information were shared and localised across all locations with flexibility to add unique local news.

Neighborly® enjoyed centralised access to all franchise locations, while being able to allow controlled access by franchise owners, solving the issue of ‘rogue’ location-operated websites and difficult to access content.

Case Study

Mr. Electric and Drain Doctor - 2013 to 2019

Neighborly® franchise brands Mr. Electric and Drain Doctor delivered in-house SEO strategy using our original Edition technology delivering approximately 80 UK franchise location websites.

If you are an SEO agency, franchisor or dealer network, we'd like to demo EditionAI to you.

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