Let's cut to the chase

No faff, no flannel. Just creative and business focused thinking.

The Lines Group delivers design and marketing, digital services, public relations and photography.
Over the last 30 years, we’ve learnt a thing or two about what clients really want. The fact is they want to cut to the chase.

So: we'll give you great work that will grow your business. It's that simple.
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Recent Work

  • Marketing Gloucester - Gloucester 12 Marketing Gloucester - Gloucester 12:
    What we delivered -
    • Design Concept
    • Digital Artwork
    • Photography
  • Bloor Homes - PR Bloor Homes - PR:
    What we delivered -
    • Social media strategy
    • News Stories
    • Newsletter content
    • Advertorials
    • Editorial Support
  • Duraflex - Value Proposition App Duraflex - Value Proposition App
    What we delivered -
    • Structure development
    • Interface design
    • Tablet App build

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